ARMEX Blast Media

ARMEX Blast and Cleaning Media are baking soda based abrasives for the cleaning and removal of tough coatings and contaminants that can be used easily, and effectively without disturbing the base material.

ARMEX is used in portable blast applications for large projects where the equipment is brought to the work site or piece.

ARMEX is used in contained applications where the work piece is brought to the equipment and where dust evacuation systems are employed in either, glove box cabinets, modular units or blast rooms, depending on the size of the work piece.

Blastrite Platinum Grit

Blastrite® Platinum Grit is a specially selected and graded grit with sharp angular particles, black in colour and particularly resistant to fracturing on impact. Blastrite® is used where expendable abrasives are required for onsite abrasive blasting in shipyards, steel construction, oil refineries, power stations, offshore oil rigs and any blasting yard designed for diverse and flexible applications. The product is specially graded to optimise production whilst achieving designated surface preparation standards according to industry norms - and is widely considered the most economical abrasive for general purpose air blasting in the industry.

Garnet Abrasives

Schmidt supplies high-performance garnet abrasives, both Alluvial and Hard Rock, for the oil & gas, petrochemical, construction and marine industries.

Higher Productivity, Lower Costs

Garnet abrasives are harder, heavier and more durable than other blasting abrasives - cut faster and recycle efficiently, significantly increasing productivity while reducing consumption of the abrasive media as well as the costs to handle it, collect it and dispose of it.

Superior Surface Quality

Blasting with garnet produces a clean surface virtually free of embedments, rogue peaks and troughs - which produces a clean substrate with a uniform surface profile that improves both coating adhesion and life.

Low Dusting, Safe to Use

A non-ferrous, 100% natural, inert mineral containing less than 1% free silica, Schmidt's range of garnet abrasives poses little to no health or environmental risks. It produces less dust than other blasting media, improves operator visibility and reduces cleanup costs while minimizing the impact on adjoining work areas. Schmidt's garnet abrasives meet all current industry standards.