Specialized Systems

Custom Blasting Systems

With a full engineering and design staff onsite and an ASME code ”U” and ”UM” pressure vessel manufacturing facility, we can help you realize your customized abrasive blasting system or help you create a system that will address your needs. Contact us for blasting, material recovery, conveying and storage.

Double Chamber

Schmidt® brand Double Chamber blast pots were the first to be designed and introduced to the abrasive blasting market. They are designed for constant, automated operation, utilizing two separate pressurized chambers and abrasive level sensors. This allow users the ability to blast without having to stop to add abrasive.

Schmidt Vapour Blast Skid

Schmidt has manufactured an offshore compliant skid mounted blasting system specifically designed for offshore use and incorporates ’Vapour Blast’ technology to minimise nuisance dust and spark risk. Features of the system include low water consumption of only 2–3 litres of water per minute and the ability to easily switch between vapour blasting and traditional dry blasting. The skid and equipment is based on advanced Schmidt blasting technology built into a compact frame that can be lifted by both crane, forklift and pallet trolley. Using Schmidt technology to maximise production, minimise downtime and minimise abrasive consumption.

Vacuum Reclaim System

A convenient and portable solution that can efficiently and easily transport new or used abrasive to any type of storage for recycling or removal. Easily separates dust and debris from usable abrasive. Adaptable to any existing stationary or portable blasting operation, the Vaccum Reclaim System improves production and minimizes downtime in your application.